Downtown Tumbao


Forged in Mexico City and recently transplanted to Baltimore, Downtown Tumbao’s sound is one of borderlands that merge Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian beats, creating an original, synergistic mix of Jazz, Bossa Nova, Swing, Bolero and Son. Downtown Tumbao brings together rising talent of the DMV with seasoned skill, as they experiment at the crosswords of new and perennial themes. The band of vocals, sax, keyboard, bass guitar, percussion and drums spotlights traditional music of Latin America to preserve and reclaim it in an act of restoration and revival.

Chuco Mendoza, co-founder of the group and bass guitarist, has almost 40 years of performance experience that include venues like the Hollywood Bowl and has toured across Europe, the U.S. and Latin America with artists like Latin Grammy winner Lila Downs, Tania Libertad and Ricky Martin.

Sarah Taylor Cook, co-founder and classically trained and nurtured in the bosom of Jazz in New Orleans, is a crossover performer who launched her professional career in Mexico City.