o States of Matter at The Discovery Center at Waters edge

Description: Everybody has either seen or has actually blown up a balloon. But, do you know why a balloon gets bigger when air is added inside? And, did you know that balloons can get bigger without any air at all being added inside the balloon? In this DCWE Science Saturday session, you will find out three different ways to blow up a balloon and you will understand the reasons why the balloon gets bigger. We will also investigate why liquids boil into gasses, and why liquids freeze into solids. The change of matter into the three different common states (gas, liquid, and solid) will be better understood. Plus, it will be fun to see some very unusual liquids (liquid nitrogen). Sign up today for the States of Matter Science Saturday. It is better to understand how things work than to guess. When: Sat., March 2, 2024 • 1–3pm
 Drop off: Discovery Center at Water’s Edge (DCWE), 4505 Pulaski Hwy., Belcamp, MD 21017
 Cost: $5 material fee; pre-registration required
 Registration:
 Max Availability: 45
 Ages 5 and up.