o Why Things Fly The Discovery Center at Waters Edge

Description: The Wright Brother made the first real powered flight just 100 years ago. Today NASA is planning to send astronauts to the Moon again and then Mars. Do you know how things fly? We see it every day, you just have to go to the airport and get on a plane. How do wings work and help lift the plane into the air? How does a Mars reentry vehicle slow down and land safely in the Martian atmosphere? These are some of the science questions which can be asked and will be answered in “Why Things Fly”. This session will provide the science behind how a wing works, airplanes and helicopters fly, a reentry vehicle slows down, and a parachute descends. How drones work and a demonstration is also planned. You will fly a balloon helicopter, build a paper airplane and fly it through a target, design a descent system for a Mars Capsule and learn how an airplane is balanced in flight. There will be both theory explained, and experiments performed. When: Sat., April 6, 2024 • 1–3pm
 Drop off: Discovery Center at Water’s Edge (DCWE), 4505 Pulaski Hwy., Belcamp, MD 21017 (Link to Google Maps.)
 Cost: $20, includes class and material fee as well as take home kit
 Registration:
 Max Availability: 16
 Grades 6–8