Boxwood Farms

704 Schucks Road, Bel Air, MD 21015
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Boxwood Farms was originally part of Howard’s Forest Farm which was purchased in 1961 from the Reed Edwards family by Sydney D Peverley Jr. At that time, Mr. Peverley moved his father’s Holstein dairy herd from Joppa Maryland to Schucks Road and renamed the farm Howard’s Forest Farm according to old tax records. Syd Peverley Jr continued to milk cows on the farm until 1973 when the herd was sold and followed with an Angus beef operation and continued raising grain crops. In 2004 a portion of the Howard’s Forest Farm was passed on to Sydney D. Peverley lll and named Boxwood Farms. It is home to Boxwood Farms Landscape Services and also offers seasonal produce, cut flowers, sunflowers and eggs all grown on the property as well as fresh cut Christmas Trees.