Duncale Farm

901 Whitaker Mill Rd, Joppa, MD 21085

Duncale was established in 1684. The stone house was built in 1841 by Lee Magness and since 1924 the property has been continuously under the Magness name. The log cabin, where the quilt is hung, was originally the Union Chapel Church located at Old Joppa and Mountain Roads. In 1948 the Cabin was being torn down to make way for the new church. As the story goes, the Magness family traded firewood for the remaining church structure and rebuilt it at Duncale Farm. John and Theresa Magness along with sons Parker and Jacob currently operate the farm, raising beef cattle, various grains, hay and produce. Some of the harvest is sold at the Cabin from May until November. The quilt that I have created is our way of expressing our love of the land and our nation. When this quilt was started, our Country was going through the 2016 elections. I wanted to show others that even though we were and are struggling desperately to hang on to our way of life we too are deeply concerned about our nation. The forefathers were farmers and this country was based on the agrarian idea of hard work, good stewardship of the land and the freedom to pursue ones goals and dreams. My boys want to continue to farm and raise the next generation with strong values and a strong work ethic. We take great pride in the land; our way of life and this nation……after all….farmers feed the world.