Environmental Evergreens

3631 Berkley Road, Darlington, MD 21034
(410) 457-4842 E-Mail Visit Website

Firmly rooted on 7-acres of historic Berkley soil, near the Village of Darlington and just a stone’s throw from the mighty Susquehanna River, Environmental Evergreens is much more than the average Christmas tree farm.

Environmental Evergreens sells 15 varieties of common and uncommon Christmas conifers including Korean, Nordmann, Douglas, Canaan, Frazer and Balsam Firs; Deodora Cedar; Norway and Colorado Blue Spruce; White, Scotch, Austrian and Himalayan Pine.

Also visit the Greens Stable from late November through Christmas Eve for Frazer Fir Wreaths, Garland, Holly, Magnolia, Lotus and Winterberry. Enjoy a cup of cider and meet Santa Bob and the Reindogs.