Heirloom Victory Garden at the Moore Family Homestead

710 Market Street, Havre de Grace, MD 21078
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The Moore Family Homestead on Market Street was the continued family residence of one of the first families of Havre de Grace. This pre-Civil War home was built in 1847 and the smaller house on Lafayette Street in 1924. The last owner of this homestead was George Barry Burns (1935-2016), the son of Hannah Hipple (1914-2007), great-granddaughter of William S. Moore, and her husband George W. Burns (1912-1984). In 2016, both 710 Market Street and 319 Lafayette Street were bequeathed to the City of Havre de Grace in Harford County, Maryland by George Barry Burns. This homestead lineage information was provided by the Havre de Grace Historic Preservation Commission. In 2018, the Havre de Grace Green Team partnered with the City of Havre de Grace to establish a community garden on this property dubbed the Heirloom Victory Garden. It is reminiscent of gardens started at private residences and public land during World War I and II to supplement the existing food supply in order to prevent food shortages. These gardens were called “war gardens”, “gardens for defense”, or “victory gardens.”