Three Oaks Farm Alpacas

1274 W Jarrettsville Rd, Forest Hill, MD 21050
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Pam’s grandparents, Dan and Mary Ensor, bought the family farm in 1949. Mary was a teacher and Dan grew corn and other vegetables as well as raised beef cattle. Pam and her husband Ken purchased the land in 2013. From the barn square you can see the original main house which dates back to the late 1800’s (yellow in color) in the distance as well as the metal pole barn built by Pam’s Grandfather. Corn, hay, hops and more are currently grown on the farm. Pam and Ken have turned the farm into an agricultural education destination for young and old mixing teaching and farming in line with Pam’s grandparent’s passions. School field trips, specialized Alpaca Encounters and the Acorn Pre-school Program all focus on teaching farm to table and alpaca/sheep to sweater. Customized farm experiences are also available upon request. Along with a herd of alpaca, the farm also has sheep, horses, donkeys, chickens, goats, a cow and their beloved livestock guardian dog to name a few. A farm store is located in the barn offering high end alpaca apparel, yarn, stuffed animals and other alpaca products. Open houses to shop in the farm store are held in November and December with dates listed on the Three Oaks Farm Alpacas website. The farm store can also be opened for shopping by appointment.